Heavy Sofas

In a time and place where time and space no longer exist

Or ever have,

What would it feel like to be light or heavy?

Does the concept of weight even make sense

To someone in a future year, no longer a year

(Due to the non-existence of time)?

Where time and space don’t exist,

Are there no material items?

No tables, nor chairs,

No heavy sofas to move around.

Is there a “we” or an “I” and if so,

Are “we” or “I” just spirit,


In an existence where the material doesn’t make sense?

Would it be just as difficult for someone there (where there isn’t a “there”)

To understand the material,

As it is completely beyond our senses

To comprehend the lack of time and the lack of space.

We are captured by our time-space reality.

What would freedom from this feel like?

Would fear or anxiety be possible

In an existence void of time and space?

Nothing material to crave

In such an existence.

Would negative emotions be a part of it?

Or are these constraints of the time-space reality we are captured in?

When nothing is heavy and nothing is light,

When time doesn’t come and pass

When there isn’t any future

To look forward to or to dread

When nothingness is everything.

Is that the true essence of what is?

Perhaps Nirvana is real.

Because existing in pure essence

Is either Heaven or Hell.

Detached from nothing.

Not eternally, but in a constant now,

Which just is.

No past, no future.



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