The Magic of Brainstorming: 10 Reasons Why Brainstorm

Whether you’re working on a creative project or something more “everyday-ish” like creating a webpage, writing a blog or a report for work or school, there is a “magic tool” that will make your work easier. It will also improve the quality of the result.

It’s the simple tool of BRAINSTORMING.

Our brain thinks in two “directions”: lateral and vertical. Without getting all neuro-scientific on you, the one involves creativity, the other logic. One is the kind of thinking that will help you come up with those strokes of genius and creative ideas to propel you further, while the other will make sure you don’t fly away and provides a way to structure all those wonderful whims.

Everyone thinks both laterally AND vertically. Yet we tend to be stronger and use the one more than the other. The best results come from utilizing both. The most enjoyable processes do as well. This means better work process and end result.

Brainstorming helps you actively use the best of both modes of thinking. Brainstorming:

1. Clears your mind of clutter

2. Opens for creative thinking

3. Helps you push beyond the most obvious solutions

4. Provides you with more options to select from

5. Can surprise you by revealing knowledge you didn’t knew you had

6. Opens for unexpected solutions or elements

7. Helps you focus

8. Provides break down a large topic or task into manageable “chunks”

9. Lessens the overwhelming feeling often associated with a huge task

10. Activates a broader part of your brain’s capacity

I have been thinking about writing a blog on brainstorming for months. The moment I actually sat down and started brainstorming about brainstorming, my loose thoughts on it became much clearer. Through the process I came up with 3 – 4 blog topics on the subject! Initially I thought it would only be one blog. The brainstorming process provided me with ideas I had not thought so much about earlier and also helped me structure these into manageable “chunks” for each blog.

In my next blogs I will give some tips on how to best use this “magic tool”.

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