3 Steps to Bring You Closer to Your Creative Dream

Do you have a dream of doing something creative? You might want to write a book, create a painting, compose a piece of music or take up photography. What ever YOUR creative dream is, the only one and only thing standing in your way is YOU!

That should be an empowering realization. Way too often do we find outer reasons to blame why the dream... is merely a dream. Truth be told - these are all excuses. You don't have to look far to find any number of these: lack of time, money, space, equipment, youth, talent, beauty, skills... The only real reason why you aren't already typing away, spilling paint or driving the neigbors crazy with your guitar is that you are standing in your own way.

So get out of your own way!

"The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step." - When it comes to making a creative dream come true, all you need is to take one small step. And then another. And then another...

Here are 3 steps that might help you move towards your creative dream:

1. Define what your dream is! Be SPECIFIC!

If you are vague "I want to be a writer" - is an example of vagueness. WHAT would you like to write? A play? Books for children? Chick Litt? Song lyrics? The more specific you are, the closer you are to actually bringing your dream into the sphere of reality.

2. Set yourself a DEADLINE.

When do you want to take a step back and view your work from the outside? Hold that manuscript in your hand, hang that picture on a wall, play your piece of music to someone? Be realistic, but don't be pessimistic. Once you have a deadline, you'll have a timeframe to work up against. You can work backwards from there and figure out how much you have to do to achieve your goal (I'll be writing more about this in future blogs.).


Be bold: make a statement about the first two. Write it in the comments below, start SPEAKING about your decision to make your creative dream come true. Find at least one person you trust and ask if they'll be your countability partner. Discuss your short term goals and long term goals with your partner. Evaluate your working progress on regular basis. What works? What doesn't? Why? What can you try instead? They are not there to give you advice. They don't need to be an expert in what ever it is you are doing. They are not there to judge your work. They are there to support you in keeping you on your path. One step at a time, until you've made that journey of a thousand miles.

You may think that this is way too simple. And that might be your excuse for not moving towards your creative dream. Yes, it takes a little more than just these three steps to see a creative dream to fuition, but everyone who has ever experienced living their creative dream has taken these three steps.

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