A Human Doing vs A Human Being

I believe that APPRECIATION holds an amazing power. Like everyone else, my life has had its ups and downs. My life has been easier than some. My life has been more difficult than others. It has been and continues to be quite the journey.

I am a natural optimist. It has come natural to me to grit my teeth together, roll up my sleeves and keep moving on, regardless of the circumstances, how I feel or the price it costs me. In many ways, this has been a strength in my life. A blessing. In others, it has been a weakness and a curse.

For years I simply survived. While surviving, pulling myself "together" and focusing on what needed to be done, I forgot to live. Somehow I became a Human Doing - and not a Human Being.

Occasionally I fall back into old familiar patterns and become a Human Doing again, but luckily it is more the exception than the rule. What keeps me grounded in the HERE AND NOW and helps me LIVE is apprecition. You simply can't be in a geniune state of appreciation about anything, if you are stuck in the past or rushing towards the future. Actively appreciating something requires stopping and focusing, being present.

Another wonderful aspect of appreciation is the joy and happiness it brings to your life. You can't be miserable and appreciative at the same time. Sure, you can acknowledge something good and still be unhappy, but appreciation goes far beyond acknowledgement.

Some time ago I started writing small snippets called "Appreciation Note of the Day" on my Facebook status. And now and again I've created these into small videos, like the one posted here. I also have a jar on my window sill, where I place small handwritten notes. When life becomes overwhelming, these notes help guide me to a better place. A place of appreciation and joy, and reminds me that a Human Doing is not the solution, but a Human Being is. It is enough for me simply TO BE.

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