Linda May Kallestein - Writer - Filmmaker - Speaker - Journalist - Storyteller


Humans have told stories since the dawn of time. They have been handed down through the ages.Stories have always been told to spread information, as a source of entertainment and to pass on widsom.


I believe that at the heart of all human experience is a story. And who am I? My name is Linda May Kallestein. I tell stories. Some based on facts and actual people that somehow have crossed my path. Some created in my soul, but these are also true in their own special way. True, because they are conceived as a result of my meeting with the stories that make up life in one way or another.


Some of these stories come out as films. Others in writing. Articles, blogs, pieces of fiction. Some in the talks I am asked to give. Others in the photographs I take.


 I've created this site to share my insights on storytelling, marketing and communication and showcase some my own work and productions. I also share some of my “ramblings” on life, art and my various rendezvous with other people.