Humans have told stories since the dawn of time. Stories have been handed down through the ages to pass on wisdom and information, and also as entertainment. 


I believe that at the heart of all human experience, you'll find a story. Stories never cease to fascinate me.


And who am I?


My name is Linda May Kallestein. I tell stories. Some based on real people and actual events. Some are born in my imagination. A seemingly simple distinction, yet more complex than that. There is always a grain or a beach of truth on some level in all fiction, just as there is no objective portrayal of facts and reality. It all comes down to perception and how a story speaks to us. 


The stories that speak to me are manifested in dramatic works, articles, blogs, documentaries, books. They are also central in the talks I am asked to give. 


 I've created this site to share my insights on storytelling and showcase some of my own work and productions.  “Ramblings” are my thoughts on life, art, and occasionally a short story or poem. 

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